"In July of 2023 I was bitten by a German shepherd while out walking. Steve Ricci at Midey, Mirras, and Ricci LLP in Seneca Falls was referred to me as he has experience in this type of case. From the very beginning of the process, both Steve and his paralegal, Ivy, treated me with respect and called me often with updates about my case. They worked very hard for me and I could not be happier with the settlement, especially since I didn’t have to go to court. I highly recommend this firm and Mr. Ricci."

February 2024

"I hired Steve Ricci for my personal injury case. He was honest right from the beginning and led me to make the best decisions for ME about my case. He was very informative with every phone call we had. Ivy was a pleasure to work with in his office too! Always willing to help and answer any questions I had. I would definitely recommend Steve to help you!"

January 2023

"I was seriously injured in a slip and fall which required surgery. I knew a second surgery would be required. Uncertain as to what the extent of my injuries may medically require or permanent limitations I may experience, I decided to set up a consultation with Attorney Stephen Ricci. During this meeting we reviewed the details of my case. I found him to be very personable, attentive, professional and very well versed in case law. I decided to retain him as my personal injury attorney. The business where my slip and fall occurred assumed no responsibility. Steve fought vigilantly on my behalf and a settlement was reached. During the entire process, Steve and his paralegal Ivy kept me informed of any updates and communications regarding my case. If you ever need a personal injury attorney, I would highly recommend you reach out to Stephen Ricci. You won't be disappointed."

June 2022

"Steve Ricci has worked extremely hard on my case and I recommend him to everyone I know. Best lawyer I ever had."

May 2022

"I can honestly recommend this firm to anybody. They have worked so hard and long. Steve and Ivy, you guys are awesome. Thank you so much for everything. I will never go to anyone else. Keep up the great work."

May 2022

"Battling with insurance companies, Steve's the one who took care of that. I'll tell you what, he fought. He fought and fought and I felt he went above and beyond. He was fantastic and it all worked out."

Charlie Barbay
October 2019

"I was charged with three misdemeanors and was looking at serving jail time. Stephen Ricci represented me at my trial and I was found Not Guilty on all three charges. Obviously, I am extremely thanful that he fought for me every step of the way."

July 2019,
Seneca County

"Luckily, I decided to hire Midey, Mirras & Ricci because they were able to secure my son ten times the amount"

December 2018,
Seneca County

"Steve was always in my corner. He genuinely cared about my case. He never stopped fighting for us to win."

December 2018

"I was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident, I was on a ventilator and my husband was scared so he called a firm that he had heard advertised over and over again. It was the wrong decision and I am thankful for learning that early on in the process. If you want to feel like you have an attorney who is in your corner give Steve a call."

Marie S.,
May 2018

"Absolutely thrilled with my representation from Stephen Ricci with a DWI charge in Waterloo NY. He explained the steps and process and got me through a difficult time. Charges dropped 100%. Thank You!"

March 2019

"I initially retained an attorney that handled my case for over three years withut any results. Thankfully, I changed attorneys and hired Stephen Ricci. Within 18 months, I received the entire policy limits of $100,000. I am very thankful for the service i received."

Vickie M.
Geneva, NY

"I came to Stephen Ricci after I was bit by a dog in my neighbor’s yard. I could not be happier with the outcome of my case. Mr. Ricci did an awesome job. I would highly recommend him."

David O., Penn Yan, NY,
October, 2017

"After I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, I immediately contacted my long time friend and family attorney who I trust. My attorney recommended that I retain Stephen Ricci to pursue the case. I could not be more pleased with the results that Mr. Ricci quickly achieved. The settlement that he negotiated exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend him."

Joan P.,
November, 2016

"I had a slip and fall accident in March of 2015 and suffered a serious injury. A friend recommended that I contact Stephen Ricci to represent me. He was very professional and kept me informed about my case. He recently settled my case, and I am extremely satisfied with the results."

Ashley C., Syracuse, NY,
June, 2014

"After I was struck by a vehicle and suffered personal injuries, I was referred by a close family member to Stephen Ricci at Midey, Mirras & Ricci, LLP. Within a few months, the driver's insurance company offered me the entire $25,000 policy limits. Before I signed the settlement papers, Mr. Ricci told me that, if I didn't mind waiting, he wanted to investigate whether the driver was working at the time. Although the driver signed an Affidavit stating that there was no additional insurance available, Mr. Ricci's investigation established otherwise. We sued the driver's employer and, after Mr. Ricci established at the depositions that the driver was working at the time of the accident, my case settled for $190,000.00 without going to trial. I am very pleased with this outcome, and I always felt like I was in the best hands."

K.M., Town of Waterloo

"When I was bitten in the hand by a pit bull that was running loose in the neighborhood, I made the decision to call Stephen Ricci at Midey, Mirras & Ricci, LLP. Attorney Ricci wasted no time in aggressively pursuing a recovery from the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy. The results he obtained on my behalf were more than I expected."

Lisa, Town of Waterloo

"When my son was viciously attacked by a dog, he was left with permanent scars on his face. I was not satisfied with the results that a previous attorney obtained and I made the decision to hire Midey, Mirras & Ricci, LLP. Stephen Ricci personally handled every aspect of our case and, within eight months of retaining his services, we received a settlement that was more than five times the amount procured by my previous attorney."

Satisfied Seneca Falls Resident

"I suffered a serious injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Deciding on which attorney to retain to handle my case was one that I took seriously. After consulting with friends and family, we decided to retain Attorney Stephen Ricci. As a result of Mr. Ricci's zealous representation, we rejected the insurance company's numerous initial settlement offers, we proceeded to sue the defendant, conducted discovery, including depositions, obtained Summary Judgment against the defendant and settled the case for $260,000.00 on the eve of trial. I was satisfied with the results and I appreciate Steve's effort. If you are or your family is involved in a motor vehicle accident I would highly recommend that you consult with Steve."

Joyce R. Brady, RN

"I was very pleased with the professional manner Mr. Stephen Ricci, Esq. handled my personal injury case. Mr. Ricci was very caring and sensitive to me at all times. He is a true gentleman to everyone he meets and always very polite with proper etiquette. I was very surprised with the amount of the settlement, which was much more than I had ever anticipated. I highly recommend Mr. Ricci to anyone who is in need."


"When I fell at an apartment complex and injured my ankle, I made the decision to hire Stephen Ricci. I feel that he fought for every dime that I was entitled to, and the results he obtained well exceeded my expectations."

Kevin W., Town of Waterloo

"When I was charged with a felony and faced mandatory state prison, I made the decision to retain Stephen R. Ricci. Facing mandatory state prison was an extremely stressful time in my life. Mr. Ricci was always available to take my calls and answer my questions and concerns. I was always able to speak to him directly, he came to court thoroughly prepared and conducted a hearing on my behalf. Thanks to his strong representation, the evidence seized by the police was found to have been obtained in violation of my rights. The Court would not allow the District Attorney to use this evidence and the prosecution was forced to, dismiss the charges against me. As a result, I have turned my life around and I am now a productive member of the community. I cannot thank Mr. Ricci enough for the second chance that I have been given."

Thom Prati, Waterloo, NY

"Christi, and the team at Midey, Mirras & Ricci, made the closing of my home easy and quick. I was in and out in short order. Thank you for all your hard work."
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